You will make many decisions along the way when you design your webpages, and they will have far-reaching consequences with your audience and success. All you need to do is make your site with an appropriate design and theme for your audience and follow good usability practices. It is understandable if you feel a bit confused about this subject. Help is here because we will treat you to some effective webpage design tips that will only help you make better sites.

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As you very well may imagine, how you set-up your site navigation is incredibly important. Your approach with planning is instrumental to success because it will give you ample time to design the navigation layout.

There are millions of examples of both good and bad site designs with regard to the navigation design. You want your navigation to be so easy to follow that a twelve year old would have no problem with it. The one thought that people tend to have with awkward navigation is that the site is hard to use. It really is kind of hard to go wrong with a web design that is simple but gets the job done very well. People don’t like cluttered up websites that are downright confusing. You have to ensure that whatever you do, the design should be minimalistic in nature and there shouldn’t be anything unnecessary. The design can be more complex, but if so then you have to do your site layout planning very well. If you put a lot of ads on your site in the future, then that can really play havoc with design. We do appreciate simplicity very much, but we are talking about sites for businesses we know nothing about.

Websites these days are more about having design around the content, rather than the other way round. You will find just about all serious content sites make just about no use of Flash. If you have a lot of graphics and photos, then some Flash may be fine – but you should compress images so the site loads quickly.

Another consideration is browser loading time, and if you are doing SEO then that is important. You may have Flash movies, but then we would suggest you use a different video format, instead. There are a lot of people who prefer to avoid dealing with Flash completely on webpages, so the external link to content may be a good idea.

We urge you to continue learning more about website design because knowledge will not hurt you. As you start working on your web design and make tweaks from time to time, you’ll realize that successful web design is not a one-time thing, but an ongoing process.
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