Hey all! Thank you for visiting the field of Etsy! For anyone unfamiliar, Etsy can be an online merchant showcase where things are all either handmade, a supply in making something handmade, or vintage. It is a wonderfully eclectic group of people dedicated not just to their craft as well as your enjoyment from it, but to customer support. Through teaming and conversations, merchants support one other in the sale and promotion with their goods. Does this appear to be you? Please read on…

I began beading several years ago (no exact number like a true lady never reveals her age), and quickly discovered that I could only decorate a tree considering the variety of ornaments and myself with so much jewelry. With the encouragement my buddies and family, I went about selling at craft fairs as well as the major on-line auction. I ran across that this fees greatly impacted my main point here. I became in a position to sell a few items occasionally, but nothing major. I kept telling myself until this effort was more details on meeting people and cleaning some inventory than whatever else. Then, one sleepless evening, I ran across Etsy.

Don’t permit me to steer you wrong. I’m a newbie on Etsy, and have only made sales to co-workers from my Etsy site. However, I am so excited about the site which i wish to share its possibilities with you. So, When you create an Etsy account, below are a few items to consider:

1) Setting up a store is very easy. You can pick PayPal or direct payments through Etsy (or both). I suggest both, so build your PayPal to just accept payments (free to set up, marginal fee for each and every sale you create).

2) Think of a catchy store name that shows your offerings.

3) Set up a light box with a light background and acquire some great shots of one’s merchandise.

4) Write descriptions of yourself, your shop, each item you are listing (Etsy recommends no less than 7 what to start).

5) Have a look at other shops and Etsy policies to acquire examples of shop policies-return policies, shipping policies, promotional code policies, etc. and write your own personal.

6) Log onto Etsy.com and start a store with the above information. Each item costs $.20 to read, and you will probably pay commission to Etsy on every sale (please read these policies carefully).

7) Join some teams to help you through this process. Teams have great suggestions on marketing, pricing, taking great pictures, and then for any quantity of things you should have queries about. You can find local and global teams to participate in in. Have some teams with interests or locations comparable to yours to actually harness the effectiveness of teams.

8) Have a look at all Etsy’s supports, blogs, and featured shop articles. Fantastic tips there!

9) Start small and grow. I began my store with 7 items, and I am as much as 32. We have three shop sections now-beaded ornaments, quilting supplies, and custom embroidery. The sections are really easy to create, and Etsy is extremely user-friendly.

10) Use Facebook and Twitter to market your site to friends and family. It isn’t begging, it’s advertising!!!

In all of the, I’ve discovered Etsy being a tremendously easy, fun experience. I cannot wait to grow my little business, and I am certain if Etsy happens when to make it happen.

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