“If you’re going to take a step, function as best”

Ginichi Kawakami, Yamaha Motor Company First President.

Yamaha Motorcycles, under this motto, employing all its creativity, sufficient reason for an incredibly strong spirit of challenge, became what it is now: one of the greatest players within the worldwide motorcycling scene.

But Yamaha’s history doesn’t commence with motorcycles…

It really is last 1877 that Torakusu Yamaha started with the Nippon Gakki Company that later would become Yamaha Corporation: an important manufacturer of fine instruments.

Because company grew, they explored several fields of opportunity in the textile industry and others.

In the World War II, the corporation generate a factory to produce airplane propellers. This plant played a huge role in Yamaha’s entry to the motorcycle industry since you will see.

Following your war, Yamaha Corporation had to find new ways to use the tooling and experience that were accumulated throughout their times from the airplane industry, plus it ended up being when Yamaha Motor Corporation began.

It’s important to point out that even if this new company was simply another branch of Yamaha Corporation, it was placed under an independent management. In cases like this, within the guidance of Ginichi Kawakami; which turned into an excellent move.

Before producing their first motorcycle, Ginichi Kawakami traveled a whole lot establishing what might be very beneficial relationships. Younger crowd sent his engineers to Europe coupled with them learn how to build motorcycles, particularly from DKW; whom with they kept an underground and unofficial resilient relationship.

One evidence of this is that these days, the only two manufacturers in the arena of mass-produced five side-valve engines are Yamaha an Audi (DKW – Auto Union).

Just about the most important legacies out of this international relationships were all the relevant skills learnt by Yamaha’s engineers on two stroke engines know-how. Other manufacturers as Suzuki wouldn’t normally get to the same degree of rise in the therapy lamp till seven years later.

To never wonder why the first bike from Yamaha Motorcycles the 125 YA-1 was fairly a faithful copy with the 1949 DKW RT 12. The one two important differences were the 4 speed gearbox rather than original three speed gearbox, and a gear transmission replacing the primary chain drive.

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