Tourists traveling to Tajikistan do not need to be vaccinated, however, they should have the latest in Typhoid and Tetanus along with Polio, Hepatitis A and Polio. Malaria can also be seen in Tajikistan and it’s an excellent idea to talk to your physician for guidance on immunisations.

Cultural Sensitivity

You will often interact with the locals, all with their particular customs and practices. We therefore request that you be considerate and to treat them with respect. Your guides and tour leaders are always able to advise you accordingly.

It is first crucial to be aware that Central Asia has a more flexible approach to Islam than its neighbors in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Central Asia is an Muslim region, so it’s crucial to be aware in certain zones. Although both genders can wear T-shirts and shorts in urban areas, they should not wear large sleeves or T-shirts. However, anyone visiting active mosques should wear pants that do not go below the knees as well as tops which cover shoulders. Women must also wear the headscarf. On this trip, we will be travelling in quite remote areas seldom visited by tourists. The local people are very modest in their attire and thus you’re likely to feel more relaxed dressed in conservative clothes too.

Language & Religion

Tajik is the official language spoken in Tajikistan. Russian is still used routinely for business communication and communications.

The majority of people are followers of Sunni Islam. A small portion of the population are followers of Russian Orthodox, Catholicism and Buddhism.

Food and beverages

The meals on this tour is predominantly on soups, proteins and potatoes. There are a few vegetables that are difficult to discover in remote areas, and at higher altitudes. However, there are plenty of dried fruits and nuts you can taste.

With regard to alcohol, the options are generally limited to vodka and beer. Those who want something different , like Scotch or Gin for instance – must buy it duty free and take it home. It can be difficult to find mixer drinks , such as tonic water.

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