Why has got the affiliate couponing industry abandoned the benefit store industry? In the event you dig deeper into any affiliate coupon program (retailmenot.com, coupon.com) you will recognize that there are not many or no coupons intended for convenience stores. It seems like you will find there’s disconnect between the coupon affiliates along with the convenience store industry. Should you consider how much cash are at stake it doesn’t make sense at all. $1 out of every $24 dollars is put in america within a convenience store. So why has got the coupon affiliates abandoned this channel?

I do believe one of several problems is the amount of grocery stores. There are 154,195 convenience stores inside the U.S. as of December, 2015 (NACS/Nielsen) along with the site counts keep growing each year. Another possible problem could be the fragmentation of this marketplace. There are lots of regional players in support of a number of national players. Another problem has become the speed in the transaction. We have all visited line in the food store coupled with that lady facing us pulling a bunch of coupons out of her little pouch bag that decreases the transaction time with the register. That’s not great for the actual store. The common time that it takes for someone to get in and by helping cover their a purchase order at a convenience store is 3 minutes and 33 seconds (NACS). However, with the advance of the smartphone it becomes much easier to employ a coupon. Digital couponing is actually changing how we cut costs with the convenience store. The usage trend of store coupons is obviously in an upward trajectory plus it doesn’t look like it will slow in the near future. Supermarkets account for 34.2% of most retail outlets in the United States (NACS). There’s no other U.S. retail channel which is such an important part of virtually every community in the country and that is reflected inside the overall dollar sales of the industry at $696.1 billion. Those sales represent about 4.1% in the entire estimated $17.7 trillion U.S. gross domestic product.

I do think there exists a marriage of sorts taking place with convenience store coupons and the smartphone. It is estimated that well over 5% of sales transactions inside the store will incorporate a digital coupon of some kind through the year 2019 (Gasbuddy.com). It is predicted there will be around 1.05 billion global mobile coupon users on the planet by 2019. With the convenience the GPS location features on smartphones and push technology convalescing by the day it is no wonder why store coupon usage on your own smartphone is rising. Digital coupon redemption is roughly 10% right this moment. As the old fashioned print or paper coupons have a redemption rate of 1% or less. 90% of digital coupon users redeem their coupons within just a short time of receiving them on their phones. One would feel that the redemption speed will only increase for the convenience customer and redeem them sooner.

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