Eco-Experience Park

The Kantun Chi can be found in Riviera Maya, Mexico, just south of Puerto Aventuras and Barcelo Vacation resort and twenty or so minutes from Playa Del Carmen. This gorgeous park is loaded with pursuits. You may choose to swim, snorkel, and investigate each one of the cenotes. Or, you can choose to require a carefully guided visit, whilst studying all about the cenotes and caverns. Either way, you cannot fail. Both possibilities offer you a enjoyable time in the open air exploring the gorgeous oceans of Kantun Chi. In addition to, you’re also encompassed by the majestic rainforest, which happens to be so amazing.

The park delivers a number of routes, where you could find out about the Mayan traditions, flora, and fauna identified there. You’ll likewise be able to explore and float on the subterranean stream and also the various cenotes with family or buddies, which can make for wonderful memories. They have snorkel gear available for rent, but you can also bring your own. The cafe on-site offers refreshing cocktails and delicious foods, so you are capable to take pleasure in the day time without having feeling like you need to depart earlier to get something to nibble on.


At Kantun Chi, visitors can ascend and swim inside of a series of caverns and cenotes, which can be so distinctive. A cenote is basically merely a sinkhole. However, as you can see from the pictures, the water is absolutely stunning. In Kantun Chi, there is a overall of five cenotes.

The Kantun-Chi, and this is referred to as “Yellow Rock Oral cavity,” can be a semi-open cenote. The Saskaleen Ha, which means “Transparent H2o,” is among the biggest cenotes in the park. Next, is the Uchben Ha, meaning “Old Water,” and is a cenote said to be discovered by Heaven. This is where you will see by far the most motmot wild birds. The Zacil Ha, significance “Clear Normal water,” is really a cave cenote having an entry ways to the extraordinary crystal seas. This is when you’ll do the most snorkeling. Last but not least, the Zihil Ha, that means “Reborn from your Water,” is definitely an open up cenote in which you will locate the majority of the flora and crops, helping to make this cenote genuinely a tropical haven.

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