What exactly is vit c?
When conversing about skin, vitamin C (often known as vit c and L-ascorbic acid) is really a water-soluble antioxidant plus an essential nutrient that protects your epidermis against molecular damage and improves your skin’s health. Vit c is also essential for the growth and repair of tissues within you. The skin will not naturally produce vit c but sources it from ascorbic acid rich vegatables and fruits. Ascorbic acid skincare merchandise is a way of topically supplying vitamin C straight away to skin. The skin reaps the biggest advantages of vitamin C if it is applied topically in their strongest and concentrated form.

What are the Great things about Vit c Serum for Face?
Where should we even begin! Vitamin C can be a powerhouse, full of a lot of skin-loving benefits that it is hard to decide on just a couple to incorporate here. Here are a few of those unfortunate important things about ascorbic acid for skin

i. Vit c fights free-radicals

Sunlight, stress, pollution, UV rays, along with other environmental aggressors create poisons inside the skin that damage the dermis (your skin layer tissue that offers your skin its elasticity and strength), moisture barrier, cell functioning, along with the skin’s texture and colour. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that attacks and neutralizes free radicals and protects your skin layer against environmental aggressors.

ii. Vitamin C for anti-aging

Ascorbic acid plays a vital role within the collagen synthesis of the body. Collagen can be a protein that delivers structure on your body, in addition to your skin. As soon as your body’s collagen production slows, your skin layer starts losing its firmness and elasticity and starts to sag. Fine lines and wrinkles also happen in your face causing you to be look old and tired. Vitamin C is a natural collagen booster that subsequently improves your skin’s elasticity, texture, and quality making it look tight and young.

iii. Vitamin C quenches dehydrated skin

Vit c and it is derivatives exhibit hydrating properties and they are shown to decrease trans epidermal water loss – i.e. it strengthens the skin barrier, helps the skin now you should the moisture, and prevents moisture loss from your skin’s surface. Hydrated skin is healthy skin that seems plump and feels smooth and soft.

iv. Vitamin C brightens your complexion

One of the most popular great things about vitamin C is its skin brightening properties. Ultra violet rays and pollution can damage your skin layer start by making it look dull, tired, and lackluster. Vitamin C behaves as a brightening agent that adds to the appearance of dull skin by providing which you more even and bright complexion which has a natural glow from the inside of. Ascorbic acid skincare products, especially concentrated ascorbic acid serum for face instantly brighten up your epidermis tone and add a natural luminance to your complexion, making your skin look and feel fresh.

v. Vitamin C reduces brown spots and hyperpigmentation

The brightening properties of vit c also include fading liver spots and lightening hyperpigmentation. Ascorbic acid inhibits the pathway of abnormal manufacture of skin pigments (melanin) to balance out the skin tone and lightens liver spots, sun spots, scarred tissues, blemishes, and hyperpigmentation because of melasma. This phenomenal anti-spot property of ascorbic acid lightens brown spots without switching your normal skin’s pigmentation.

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